Ian Levia is an educator and hip hop instructor recognized worldwide as the Technical Director of Hip Hop International, the organizing body of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship and creators of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew!

Ian’s background in Hip Hop began in his home country of Trinidad & Tobago and throughout the Caribbean which later developed within the South American Country of Brazil.

Teaching in Brazil provided the platform from which Ian launched his unique brand of Hip Hop, teaching in almost every continent on the globe.

In his capacity as Technical Director for Hip Hop International, Ian continues to travel the world drawing on past and present experiences as a Teacher, Instructor and Educator, training and educating dancers, choreographers and Judges in the moves and the rules and regulations that govern the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, founded by Hip Hop International, the most prominent international Hip Hop Dance organization in the world.

Ian’s character and cool persona were shaped by his grounded upbringing and blossomed in his career in front of the camera for over ten years as one of the principals, of the Hit Television Show “Fit for Life”.

Ian’s philosophy “You are never too young or old to learn” is demonstrated by his never ending quest to provide information, data and historical background on street dance to others, incorporating as much information from the pioneers and originators of the Hip Hop Community.

Ian’s Tagline “The benefit is in the effort” has inspired so many, in so many ways and in so many places.  He continues to do so as is evident through his current work and travels to Finland, Belgium, Italy, USA, Brazil and Many other countries.

Ian continues to give back to others as the head Choreographer, Artistic Director and Owner of the “D BIITE DANCE ACADEMY” in the Caribbean.  Ultimately Ian’s goal is to provide the forum for young and old to achieve continued growth and development regardless of Gender Ethnicity or Religion!!!

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