Rules and Regulation HHI


All participants must abide by the eligibility rules of HHI. Participants entered into any HHI affiliated event and/or continental/world events are responsible for providing accurate personal information and documentation certifying their national eligibility and date of birth.


  1. Each crewmember must be a citizen or resident of the country they represent.
  2. Proof of citizenship or residency must be validated prior to each competition by the event organizer.
  3. A crewmember declaring residency must reside within the country a minimum of six (6) months and must be able to provide official documentation to support such a declaration.
  4. A crewmember may not compete for more than two (2) countries within three (3) consecutive years.
  5. A crewmember cannot represent two countries at the same event and/or within the same year.

Note: Failure to correctly provide proof of national eligibility may result in disqualification, suspensions, and/or other severe penalties deemed necessary by HHI.


All events must be conducted using the Hip-Hop International Rules and Regulations. Dance Crews participating in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship advance either from (a) national qualification rounds within their country produced by Hip Hop International licensees, (b) selections by HHI Licensees when a national qualification is not conducted and/or (c) by special invitation from HHI. Each country may qualify and enter up to three (3) dance crews in each division (Junior, Varsity, Adult, MiniCrew and MegaCrew) to compete in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

If one or all of the qualified crews cannot, for whatever reason(s), compete in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship then the dance crew next in line, according to the national final scores, can be selected by the HHI licensee to represent their country. In an instance where there are no qualifying dance crews able to attend the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, the HHI licensee may select another crew pending HHI approval.


  1. Participants must complete and sign all registration forms. The forms must be returned to the national HHI affiliate office prior to the registration deadline with the appropriate registration fees or registration may be denied.
  2. Release of liability: Each participant must sign and submit a release of liability form prior to the competition, releasing HHI, the organizer, their agents, officers, staff and sponsors from liability for any accident or injury occurring to a participant prior to, during, or after an HHI event or competition.
  3. Release of likeness: All participants must sign a release of likeness form permitting HHI, its affiliates, the organizer, agents and sponsors to film, videotape, and/or record the participants’ performance(s) and event participation for use in all forms of television, motion pictures, home video, internet, social media, radio, press releases, media, public relations, and other promotion/media vehicles whether now known or hereafter devised.